Garmin Vector™ 2S Upgrade Pedal STANDARD


Upgrade to a dual-sensing system with our standalone right-sensing pedal. standard (12-15 mm)

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172 900 Ft

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Upgrade to a dual-sensing system with our standalone right-sensing pedal. Available to fit both standard (12-15 mm) and large (15-18 mm) crank arms, the pedal allows enthusiastic cyclists to take that next step in measuring and monitoring their power output and pedaling style.

When paired with the Vector 2S, the upgrade pedal makes a complete Vector power meter system, providing left/right balance data and cycling dynamics.

Train Smarter with Cycling Dynamics
Factors like fatigue, fitness, injury and recovery all affect the way you ride. Revolutionary new cycling dynamics lets you tailor your training around your specific weaknesses and strengths by showing you exactly where you’re generating power throughout the pedal stroke. It also indicates where force is being applied on the pedal itself so you can ensure proper cleat position, as well as when and how long you were seated versus standing so you can gauge position effectiveness.

Easy to Buy, Install, Own
Upgrading Vector 2S is easy. You can walk into your local bike shop, purchase a Vector 2S upgrade pedal, and install it yourself in minutes. There’s no need for a mechanic, or no downtime while your bike is in the shop. There are no complex drivetrain or wheel tradeoffs, or no external sensors to install.

Behind the Watts
Vector works by measuring the deflection in the pedal spindle as you pedal. By comparing that measured deflection to a factory calibration, Vector can determine how much force you’re applying to the pedal. It measures a few hundred times per second. Built-in accelerometers also measure your pedaling cadence. The force sensor and related electronics are permanently and securely sealed within the right pedal spindle.


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