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Practice and Test modes for perfecting your swing

4 different game types: Scratch Strokeplay, Stableford and Match

Multiple watch functions

User-replaceable battery

Water resistant to 30m (100 ft)

Suunto Golf Manager PC software and USB-cable can be purchased separately 


For golfers striving for a better and more consistent performance, Suunto G6 is an invaluable tool for reducing your handicap.

Suunto G6 enables you to practice and perfect your swing. After each swing, you can check its tempo, rhythm, backswing length and speed. The feedback you get from Suunto G6 helps you consistently repeat your best shots, developing muscle memory to remember only the good shots. After the session, you can analyze your overall consistency.

When you return to the course with your new improved skills, Suunto G6 gives you more time to focus on your game by simplifying the scorekeeping process. With four game types to choose from, both your own and your opponent's score can be easily kept - without the need for messy paperwork.

Deeper Understanding

Suunto G6 contains an internal sensor that measures various aspects of your swing. In the Practice mode you can see how long the exercise took and how many swings you took. Suunto G6 provides information on the tempo, rhythm, backswing length and speed of each swing. You can also check out the average and deviation values of the different measurements.

In the Test mode, you take series of shots with the same club and then check your consistency index straight from the wristop computer. This gives you an indication of your golfing muscle- memory. You can also see the degree of variation in your shots.

Suunto G6 allows you to choose four different game types and constantly updates the leader during the round to allow players with different handicaps to compete seriously. Out on the course, Suunto G6 registers statistical data (Fairway hits, GIRs, Up&Downs, Sand Saves, Putts and Penalties), and displays the results and history of played games.

You can store your 10 favorite courses in the memory, and the Suunto G6 will calculate your handicap for a given course.

Swing analysis developed in co-operation with Dynastream Innovations. For more information visit: Dynastream Innovations.

Suunto G6 completely erases the need for paperwork and memorizing information such as scores and handicaps. All the information you need is readily available at the push of a button. You can also change the names of players and courses on the wristop computer itself.

You can play alone and monitor your improvement on different courses or you can compete against a friend and compare your scores later on. In the Memory mode, you can review data from the Practice and Test modes such as speed, rhythm and tempo.

The four different game types ensure that every golfer, from beginner to pro, can enjoy Suunto G6 to the fullest. You can choose from Scratch, Stableford, Strokeplay or Match games.

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